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Pitching Stats Spring 2020

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1Caleb Pundsack ('20) Scouting ProfileSLE431052219.030826700.000.79
2Mikah Gustavson ('20) Scouting ProfileFWI220142215.100332210.000.33
3Layton Deloach ('0) Scouting ProfilePAL220020011.000127610.000.64
4Dylan Nowlin ('20) Scouting ProfileFW120151112.110610400.000.81
5Wyatt Duthu ('20) Scouting ProfileTT220020011.040819200.000.91
6Kyler Cots ('22) Scouting ProfileEP221042117.120614510.000.63
7Patrick Groark ('20) Scouting ProfileLOL430040019.141923940.360.93
8Matt Sharp ('0) Scouting ProfilePAL330031116.1211219930.431.29
9Dylan Morrison ('21) Scouting ProfileSSR310031115.011819420.470.80
10Eric Mettler ('20) Scouting ProfileFF220031111.241416900.601.11
11Brian Holiday ('21) Scouting ProfileLOL430040022.2321243350.620.66
12Ethan Stephens ('20) Scouting ProfileLOL020380011.111413010.620.35
13Mike Moreland ('0) Scouting ProfileKHI220031111.011510310.640.73
14Cody Antonucci ('0) Scouting ProfileVK010050010.22176400.661.03
15Garfield Johns ('0) Scouting ProfileKHI430041120.0321031500.700.75
16Jack Teeter ('21) Scouting ProfileALW131071116.052517720.880.75
17Austin Coultas ('21) Scouting ProfileWCW222051020.2631515301.020.87
18Noah Clymer ('21) Scouting ProfileRLC210050013.122816831.051.20
19Jonathan Germany ('22) Scouting ProfilePAL210050012.252821351.110.87
20Cole Smithers ('21) Scouting ProfileSFR221160018.1631611501.151.15
21Jacob Phillips ('20) Scouting ProfileNMC321030012.0221115321.171.17
22Hunter French ('21) Scouting ProfileLMH430043124.0941829841.171.08
23Ian Thornton ('20) Scouting ProfileRLC020060011.242313721.200.86
24Kyle Chappell ('20) Scouting ProfilePKY430042122.2841427921.241.01
25Johnny Giannie ('22) Scouting ProfileHCA211032017.083129241.240.82
26Nicholas Cotugno ('21) Scouting ProfileRR320031011.022914101.270.91
27Blake Derossett ('22) Scouting ProfileIR320032116.073833821.311.00
28George Dobkowski ('22) Scouting ProfileWP201141015.2531213211.340.89
29Luke Ridley ('21) Scouting ProfileGH212030015.1639261021.371.24
30Jordan Laing ('21) Scouting ProfileHL410040020.1649211621.381.23
31Jacob Brace ('20) Scouting ProfileLP221041115.043823411.400.80
32Dominic Jones ('23) Scouting ProfileUB101040010.03297711.401.60
33Tripp Davis ('21) Scouting ProfileUC300030014.2637191031.431.16
34Max Kurtz ('21) Scouting ProfileRLC431151119.1941923401.451.19
35Brian Erb ('21) Scouting ProfileNCT430051118.154917901.530.98
36Parker Fenton ('21) Scouting ProfileLMH422041022.21059311011.540.84
37Tyler Guarino ('23) Scouting ProfileGH103150013.063913501.621.08
38Trent Becker ('20) Scouting ProfileTT422042021.0651126601.670.81
39Anthony Scarangella ('21) Scouting ProfileWWH211050012.183712921.701.30
40Kolten Smith ('22) Scouting ProfileFW210030012.1435271001.701.22
41Dylan Day ('22) Scouting ProfileHC201030012.053810511.751.08
42Dylan Schaffer ('21) Scouting ProfileNP430050014.2646321221.911.23
43Carlos Gonzalez ('23) Scouting ProfileHL031040010.133811902.031.65
44Uziel Rosales ('21) Scouting ProfileMDH321041020.21762312222.031.21
45Tyler Shelnut ('20) Scouting ProfileFWI321030013.284827432.050.88
46Scout Updike ('21) Scouting ProfileMDH301140010.053717812.101.50
47Carson Pillsbury ('20) Scouting ProfileSRC310030010.0431119512.101.60
48Bryson Mistretta ('20) Scouting ProfilePP431040022.01071528632.230.95
49Jonathan McMath ('20) Scouting ProfileNCT312030012.074818732.331.25
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