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Pitching Stats Spring 2017

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1Matthew Tadlock (J) Scouting ProfileSSR11910113252.210231561620.270.89
2Joey Delgatto (S) Scouting ProfileSE10600121147.17319581830.440.78
3Luke Marquis (So) Scouting ProfileGH421191028.212221251360.491.19
4Joey Long (S) Scouting ProfileWRD632061125.1822311620.551.14
5Carson Jones (J) Scouting ProfileTT110191121.24212231150.651.06
6Ricky Vanasco (S) Scouting ProfileWRD8620103153.011526871550.660.77
7Caleb Dix (So) Scouting ProfileCRP5324131140.218422651930.691.01
8Hunter McMullen (S) Scouting ProfileFW12620121058.220627792930.720.95
9Trent Simmons (S) Scouting ProfileTT121200135266.08730901520.740.68
10Noah Utegg (J) Scouting ProfileFW441073132.1841829640.870.74
11Jack Jasiak (So) Scouting ProfileSE10710100044.01363451740.950.93
12Tyler Ricketts () Scouting ProfileKHI6403133144.012736371171.111.07
13Hylan Hall (So) Scouting ProfileOK3211101122.274834941.240.75
14Quinton Barnes (S) Scouting ProfileBRAN340081128.110521421741.241.34
15Josh Sheppard () Scouting ProfileKHI341181027.29519241811.271.34
16Amir Asghar (J) Scouting ProfileTAV3310102131.21062925941.331.20
17Colby Woodard (S) Scouting ProfileSSR750093341.011825441621.371.00
18Will Roberts (S) Scouting ProfileHCA9360111050.23610418927111.381.34
19Tyler Shelnut (F) Scouting ProfileFWI614081035.123731361331.391.25
20Ty Cook (S) Scouting ProfileUC842090043.113924722131.451.04
21Coy Phillips (J) Scouting ProfileSRC8540180052.1171140662311.471.20
22Kyler Adams (S) Scouting ProfileVK11370127063.1241453581321.551.04
23Jarrett Shadd (S) Scouting ProfileUC7232121040.221926302111.551.16
24Jason Dellinger (So) Scouting ProfileLWH9631116157.1251343503471.591.34
25Luby Fields (J) Scouting ProfilePP514091126.115627171021.591.41
26JC Lovelace (S) Scouting ProfileUC431091126.0761331831.620.81
27Gage Warren () Scouting ProfileBR11920122154.1211331753021.671.12
28Blake Baker (S) Scouting ProfileERK9530112061.12115336929101.711.01
29Carson Schlegel (S) Scouting ProfileERK8630123146.2251231372191.801.11
30Dalton Gold (S) Scouting ProfileZB10450104155.12515335726111.901.07
31Tyler Whitfield (So) Scouting ProfileBRAN514082033.01492926521.911.03
32Justin McCranie (S) Scouting ProfileSFR844190036.2331028612601.911.47
33Kevin Tomas (J) Scouting ProfileSE232180029.113823271221.911.19
34Richard Fox () Scouting ProfileDT11550142054.0361559351241.941.31
35McCabe Sargent (S) Scouting ProfileLOL12740124367.22319388421151.970.87
36Coby Howatineck (So) Scouting ProfileLP1101120021.110613171421.971.27
37Adam Palma (S) Scouting ProfileCN0602140021.17611321541.971.22
38Josh Diaz (So) Scouting ProfileLWH7421112139.0341135271471.971.26
39Nic Martin (J) Scouting ProfileCH1010130021.01462415632.001.43
40Pedro De Los Rios (S) Scouting ProfileGB10340104155.1311648722082.021.23
41Connor Morgan (F) Scouting ProfileHL2221110020.213616241032.031.26
42Dominic Marrone (S) Scouting ProfileSE0507160036.2141132301332.101.23
43Tyler Snow (J) Scouting ProfileTAV822090036.1171126592162.121.29
44Michael Smith (S) Scouting ProfileTT660090033.0141024331922.121.30
45Taylor Pridgen (J) Scouting ProfileEP530060029.211927311442.121.38
46Christopher Castro (S) Scouting ProfileLMH9430132146.0231445451632.131.33
47Landon Kennedy (J) Scouting ProfileTT9801121052.0211638561482.151.00
48Darin Kilfoyl (S) Scouting ProfileALW9550113155.0311731952672.161.04
49Dalton Mosser (J) Scouting ProfileWWH9331100048.0201542662652.191.42
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