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Pitching Stats Spring 2018

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1Gunnar Hoglund ('18) Scouting ProfileFF10700106552.13217105210.270.36
2Weston Kinnard ('18) Scouting ProfileSRC431090020.08210281210.701.10
3Brooks Walton ('18) Scouting ProfileBB980093154.011638691040.780.89
4Landon Kennedy ('18) Scouting ProfileTT121110124262.1149298023121.010.83
5CJ Bianco ('18) Scouting ProfileSRC651091026.0942538631.081.19
6Trent Becker ('20) Scouting ProfileTT1201100022.0641425711.270.95
7Seth Loyd ('18) Scouting ProfileMB311151018.11041412621.531.09
8Noah Utegg ('18) Scouting ProfileFW430041022.0651922331.591.00
9Caden Kresak ('0) Scouting ProfileBB2320110030.27718211241.600.98
10Tyler Whitfield ('19) Scouting ProfileBRAN432070027.0871932751.810.96
11Carson Pillsbury ('20) Scouting ProfileSRC6410111030.217926351762.051.40
12Josh Grimmer ('18) Scouting ProfileFF440081123.213715181312.071.18
13Micah Gustavson ('20) Scouting ProfileCT222080025.01382728832.241.40
14Luke Baker ('20) Scouting ProfileBB852082037.1211228432262.251.34
15Daveion Love ('18) Scouting ProfileCT825083046.0281544382372.281.46
16Coy Phillips ('18) Scouting ProfileSRC4400121033.2171126621702.291.28
17Cal Gilliam ('19) Scouting ProfileCT512081027.123923311672.301.43
18Chase DeMichele ('18) Scouting ProfileGH8440101042.2261533441382.461.08
19Parker Pillsbury ('18) Scouting ProfileSRC6340122044.23016337120102.511.19
20Payton Weinberg ('18) Scouting ProfileGH722071032.0221234171342.631.47
21Carson Jones ('18) Scouting ProfileTT7221120028.2201129261192.691.40
22Trey Doran ('18) Scouting ProfileFF642064130.1181222311822.771.32
23Brighton Taylor ('20) Scouting ProfileMDCA13940135270.045295210520102.901.03
24Sam Brown ('19) Scouting ProfileMDCA10630151152.24322496332102.921.54
25Tyler Vermillion ('19) Scouting ProfileSLE311050020.210922191143.051.60
26JJ Finn ('19) Scouting ProfileFW741070031.215142827923.091.17
27Micah Kreighauser ('18) Scouting ProfileCT7530101035.2191630491913.141.37
28Rylee McKenzie ('18) Scouting ProfileBRAN622071126.1151223341313.191.37
29Trey Sanchez ('18) Scouting ProfileTT5421120028.217147423263.421.36
30Joseph Strong ('18) Scouting ProfileGH4133101134.1301826522213.671.40
31Luke Marquis ('19) Scouting ProfileGH2321110026.02315202617134.041.42
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