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League Batting Stats Spring 2017

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1Ty Dansby () Scouting ProfileBR477221621004311.468.518.553
2Randy Fuller (J) Scouting ProfileTT672630140021471012.448.553.537
3Wyatt Langford (F) Scouting ProfileTT872335218011311712.402.495.529
4Chase Molloy (J) Scouting ProfileTT87413414941376199.391.527.621
5Codie Lunday (S) Scouting ProfileBR812030236140299.370.436.617
6Garret Heussner () Scouting ProfileBR92243324801134711.359.423.478
7Diego Arredando (J) Scouting ProfileSSR671024131000092.358.434.373
8Daniel Plank (J) Scouting ProfileTT822029134111601014.354.424.463
9Colton Rucker (S) Scouting ProfileTT857301210012716.353.415.365
10Chris Sumner (S) Scouting ProfileSSR501717103107277.340.441.440
11Michael Smith (S) Scouting ProfileTT902830293112221312.333.413.422
12Gabriel Dorsey (J) Scouting ProfileSSR691822157010385.319.407.464
13Alan Greene (S) Scouting ProfileSSR741823191004468.311.388.324
14Dale Sullivan () Scouting ProfileBR71152212600341116.310.425.394
15Trey Sanchez (J) Scouting ProfileTT7110221530101149.310.420.394
16Nathaniel Eastburn (J) Scouting ProfileSSR6516202311022148.308.439.354
17Colton Yerk () Scouting ProfileBR5511167200321324.291.443.327
18Gage Warren () Scouting ProfileBR85102413100031014.282.374.294
19Zachary Hardee (So) Scouting ProfileTT50614610070111.280.294.300
20Jordan Missino () Scouting ProfileBR68171912100411112.279.383.294
21Jarrod Hurst (S) Scouting ProfileSSR5211141120000109.269.387.308
22Trent Simmons (S) Scouting ProfileTT4681172001359.239.345.283
23Landon Kennedy (J) Scouting ProfileTT6011142320217510.233.351.367
24Maurice James (S) Scouting ProfileSSR662215131001812110.227.416.242
25Julio Nunez () Scouting ProfileBR631414730042921.222.333.270
26Deontae Grant (J) Scouting ProfileSSR461598311521019.196.362.370
27Joey Shirley () Scouting ProfileBR64111211102001214.188.316.297
28Garrett Davis () Scouting ProfileBR7091211101321219.171.306.229
29Chandler Lake (S) Scouting ProfileSSR4987610000418.143.208.163
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